Monthly Archives: February 2019

The Process

We’ve all been there before. You feel like you’re giving life all you’ve got but somehow it feels like you just aren’t making any headway. In this episode of the “Men Who Matter” podcast we look at what to do when when life kicks your legs out from under you, and how when all we focus on is the product we miss the growth that happens in the process.

It’s Not Negotiable

Have you ever felt like a cat chasing a laser? It’s chaos. It’s impulsive. It’s exhausting. When life feels like this we’ve got a find an anchor. In this episode of the “Men Who Matter” podcast we lay out a simple first step to finding your anchor. If you’re floating in a boat with no motor check out this episode, there is hope!

There is No Elevator

Do you ever wish you could just arrive at the dream you are chasing? It would be easier if life had an elevator that would take you straight to the top and straight to your success. However, that there is no such elevator. In this episode we talk about three principles in your life that can help you get to the top and achieve your goals. If you really want to realize your destiny and live a life of impact, you’re going to have to take the stairs. This week we show you how.