Monthly Archives: June 2019

Pulled Toward Purpose

Your purpose is not some phantom idea that you should be chasing. In your life you have to be careful to confuse purpose with pressure. Pressure can push you towards thing you never intended to chase, but your purpose should pull you towards your goal. This week we breakdown the difference between being pushed by pressure and being pulled toward purpose.

Jay’s Story

This week we sit down with Coach Jay Matthews from Briarwood Christian School in Birmingham, AL.  Eight years ago he helped start the Bass Fishing Team and last year claimed both a state, and national championship! The ride has been exciting, but for Coach Matthews it’s so much more about the time spent than the trophies won.

Pay Attention

What happens when something normal creates an abnormal response in your soul? As we go through life and every now and then we bump into circumstances that flip a switch inside of us. Unfortunately we usually blow right through these moments because we don’t have time to stop and process what happens in our soul. These little moments are key indicators as to what passions burn down in your soul. We’ve got to pay attention to the little moments. Check out this week’s episode as we unpack these little moments in our own lives.