Monthly Archives: July 2019

Brian’ Story

Brian Robison played eleven years in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings. Now he’s chasing a new passion. Catching big bass. Brians long and loyal career with the Vikings is an inspiration. His talent took him to the top of the mountain, but what was the key to staying there? Check out his story to learn what it takes to stay on top once you make it!

Tony’s Story

This week we got to hang out with our friend Tony Mehrl. Listen as he shares his story of living life in the grind. As a young and passionate businessman Tony shares his unique perspective on how to find purpose in the everyday hustle. His story inspired us to keep digging and is sure to impact you as well.

Change Your Fight

What happens when you wake up and realize you’re not where you want to be? How you respond in times of challenge is critical. Your response to pressure can actually change the fight. This week we break down how the power of your words can change the course of your battles. Your attitude is everything. How do you respond when life doesn’t line up with your dreams?