Pay Attention

What happens when something normal creates an abnormal response in your soul? As we go through life and every now and then we bump into circumstances that flip a switch inside of us. Unfortunately we usually blow right through these moments because we don’t have time to stop and process what happens in our soul. These little moments are key indicators as to what passions burn down in your soul. We’ve got to pay attention to the little moments. Check out this week’s episode as we unpack these little moments in our own lives.

Hard Work

The last part of any journey is almost always the most intense. The last mile or a marathon, the final ascent to the summit during a climb, the final moments before you pull the trigger. The last stretch is where most people give up because the work becomes the most difficult. This week we talk about the most critical moments of your journey and how hard work is to something that is an indicator that the goal is in reach, and not an indicator that you’re on the wrong path.

The Value of a Selfless Act

Is there really any such thing as a truly selfless act? If I pour everything I have out for someone else who is going to watch my back? This week we sit down with our good friend Devin and he shares his story about how taking some kids hunting changed his life forever.

You Were Born With It

Have you ever wondered why certain things come easy to you? Just like a Labrador Retriever was born to fetch, we were born with instinct to do something great. The question is, however, what do you do to unleash your instinct to create an impact in the world around you? This week we discuss how to really stoke the fire that burns in your soul and make your mark on the world around you.

Influence without Compromise

If you’ve ever found yourself in a position you never intended on being in the chances are it’s not because of one giant mistake, but rather, it’s the result of one small compromise at a time. This week we look at a story about a man who maintained a life of significant impact by refusing to compromise on his principles. Learn a tool that can help you keep your influence, even when world around you is trying to tear it away.

Jason’s Story

Our friend Jason Vallotton joins us this week from Redding, California. Listen in as he tells the story of the world record Grizzly bear he was able to take with his bow last year in Alaska. Jason inspires us through his perseverance and relentlessness. His story proves that there is purpose in your pain.

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Comparison Trap

There’s nothing wrong with striving to achieve more, but getting caught up in comparing what we don’t have with what other’s do have can be a death sentence. Check out this episode to learn how this trap creates a dangerous environment and how you can overcome it.